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Meet the Artisans


Plastic Baskets Artisan

We spent more than 2 years to searching for artisans who would make the dacco.'s baskets. Someone who understands my image of the basket Where can we find them?

Again and again, we visited markets in various places and asking people if there is anyone who can is willing to work for us.And finally one family came to us and said, " We'd love to try."After lots of trial and error, dacco.'s baskets - collaborative work with the weavers and dacco- is here to stay.

Whenever we take the basket in our hands, we think of the family weaving the products with a smile.

Plastic Baskets
Plastic Baskets Artisan

dacco.'s Sandals Artisan

He always comes to our place by bicycle and is coming in the shop with a charming smile.

Sandals Artisan

Textiles Artisan

Hand-woven cotton


Tatting Laces Artisan

Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan

Hladee – Handmade Elegant Tatting Lace Accessories

Tatting is a technique for handcrafting a remarkably durable lace from a series of knots and loops. 

The technique was brought from England to Myanmar during the British colonial period, and local mothers have passed down traditional tatting lace skills to their daughters for generations.

We were fascinated by the artisans' high level of skill and the beauty of the lace. In 2014, we started selling the products as accessories to enjoy the traditional technique and its beauty daily.

We aim to create an environment in which artisans can be proud of their work and earn an income commensurate with their high skill level.

We hope you enjoy our lovely "Hladee" traditional Myanmar Tatting Lace Accessories.

Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan
Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan
Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan
Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan
Tatting & Crochet Laces Artisan
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